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Homesick at College

Homesick at College? How to Deal With It!

According to a study prepared by the UCLA Higher Education Institute, feeling homesick at college is normal. This is especially true for college kids away from home in their first year or two of college. Homesickness at college is mostly due to a “lack of security and familiarity” writes Abby Payne in an article published September 18th, 2016 in … [Read More...]

Helpful Advice On College Financial Aid and Aid Awards

It is extremely difficult to find your way through the maze of college financial aid. The following are six turns in the financial aid maze to be aware of: 1. College Financial Aid Award Once your student is accepted to the colleges and/or universities he is considering, he will receive a financial aid “award” letter from each one. These letters … [Read More...]


Help Your Student Look Like a Million Bucks to the Preferred University

When you begin planning for college with your student (which should begin when you bring them home from the hospital), the following 9 areas will help you position them for success. Success in this case means getting accepted to the college of their choice. Getting the greatest amount of aid is a whole different discussion. 1. GPA It is no … [Read More...]

Expected Family Contribution

Expected Family Contribution For Financial Aid

The Expected Family Contribution is Crucial To Receiving Financial Aid Your EFC or Expected Family Contribution is the most important number that families will calculate for receiving aid for their children’s college education. Legally reducing that number equates to receiving more college financial aid. How The Expected Family Contribution Is … [Read More...]

College Bills

Expert’s Proposed Plan Could Increase the Stress of College Bills

An article that appeared in the Dallas Morning News on the 26th of September was titled “Plan Eases Stress of College Bills”. The article about paying for college seems to be a reprint from the New York Times and Ron Lieber. The sub-headline says “Expert urges combination of saving, paying expenses out of pocket and borrowing”. In my opinion … [Read More...]

529 Plan Tax Benefits

Are 529 Plan Tax Benefits Really Worth It?

The tax benefits of 529 plans are all based on the gains generated, if any, from how you invest your 529 plan money and whether or not you use the money invested for qualified college expenses. There are essentially four types of taxable gains you could eliminate by using a 529 plan correctly. They are: Long term capital gains Short term … [Read More...]

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