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Senior Year Focus and College Admissions

Hopefully, as a junior, you figured out your favorite schools and possibly have already made a visit to their campuses. Now as a senior, if you are just now applying to colleges, keep in mind the importance of your senior year. Your college or colleges will be keeping an eye on you. You might be required to fill out grade reports for the college in … [Read More...]

Admission Decision

Admission Decision Making – Are Grades and Test Scores the Most Important Criteria?

Grades and Test Scores Grades and test scores are really important without a doubt. Those scores are the numbers that get your student through the 1st filter of screening in the college acceptance process of admission decision.When you think about all of the students that are competing for your student’s slot at their desired college, you can just … [Read More...]

Financial Aid Tips

4 Financial Aid Tips and Strategies College Offices Wish You Didn’t Know

Financial Aid Tips #l Have your student apply to at least 6 to 8 colleges or universities. Many people including high school counselors recommend that students apply to a number of schools. The types of schools your student should apply to fall into 3 categories. They are: Safety schools. Safety schools are schools your student knows that he … [Read More...]

Educated Citizens

Why Do Highly Educated Citizens Contribute More to the US?

We talk a great deal about the cost and money of education and how important it is to do 2 things regarding educated citizens: Get a college or university degree. We all know that having a college degree significantly increases your earning capacity over a lifetime. On average a college education means about $1,000,000 more in earnings. Also … [Read More...]

Homesick at College

Homesick at College? How to Deal With It!

According to a study prepared by the UCLA Higher Education Institute, feeling homesick at college is normal. This is especially true for college kids away from home in their first year or two of college. Homesickness at college is mostly due to a “lack of security and familiarity” writes Abby Payne in an article published September 18th, 2016 in … [Read More...]

Helpful Advice On College Financial Aid and Aid Awards

It is extremely difficult to find your way through the maze of college financial aid. The following are six turns in the financial aid maze to be aware of: 1. College Financial Aid Award Once your student is accepted to the colleges and/or universities he is considering, he will receive a financial aid “award” letter from each one. These letters … [Read More...]

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