Provisional Acceptance Letters

Some schools are starting a practice where they issue a provisional acceptance for admittance to their school. It is provisioned upon a couple of...

The Benefits of Adults Returning to School

Since the option first became available, adults returning to school have become a small but steady presence in educational institutes. Even if...

Improving Your Life With Online Colleges

Since the internet began, schools have been diligently looking for ways to turn it to their advantage - and now, that advantage can be yours, too....

College Prep Options

Are you looking for grants and scholarships to put you to college? This site provides you with tips and advice to help you financially prepare for your undergraduate program. We also provide information on working while in college, loans and mortgages, real estate investing, and more to help get your finances in order when you graduate. Read more on our Grants, Scholarships and Interviews tab.

Are you worried that you cannot bag a scholarship on athletic or academic merit? Consider getting a college grant to help you with your financial need. Whether from federal and state governments, colleges or private organizations, there are funds out there. Explore our resources on researching, applying for and getting funding for your undergraduate program.

Do you want to leverage your academic or athletic ability to get funding for your undergraduate program? Then check out our tips and advice on how to bag a scholarship, from searching for gift aids – whether from the government, colleges and private organizations – filling up forms, acing admission exams and interviews, to spotting scams and more.

So you have shortlisted your preferred college grants and scholarships and submitted your application forms. It’s now time for you to prepare for the interviews. Check out our tips and resources on how to ace an interview to get the financial aid you need for your undergraduate program.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today

-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Two-year Degrees vs. Four-year College Degrees

Two-year Degrees vs. Four-year College Degrees

More education is always better, right? Well, the answer's not as clear as that. Here's what you should know about the choice of two-year degrees vs. four-year degrees. The Cost Of Getting An Education Over the last few decades, the cost of getting an education has...

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