Studying abroad is a great way to immerse yourself in another culture while still getting credits at your local university. The skills you will learn while you are are abroad will be invaluable. Studying abroad will broaden your career and life goals and will make you more marketable when you search for jobs after graduation.


Tip #1  How To Find Study Abroad Opportunities

Going abroad does not necessarily mean a whole semester or even one year in another country. Some schools offer a summer program of 1 or 2 classes going down to a month long trip or even a few weeks.

Finding study abroad opportunities is not hard. Talking with your academic adviser, department chair, even looking in a student services area can unlock all the answers for abroad opportunities. Some schools offer spring break abroad programs.


Tip #2  How To Prepare

studying abroadPreparing to go abroad can be overwhelming between checking with the registrar to make sure your credits transfer, to what clothes to pack. Its important not to leave even a small detail out. To prepare you need to:

  • Enroll in your classes for the semester abroad and take classes that count toward your degrees and electives.
  • Get your passport. This is important because it takes about a month to receive your physical passport. Don’t wait.
  • Be prepared for culture shock. If you are traveling to Germany and you don’t know a lick of German, it is time to get necessary phrases and words down. Also check out the app store to find applications to make translating easy, either on Apple or android.
  • Be looking at your phone plan. Whether you get a phone overseas or switch your cell phone plan to international, this is important so you can keep in contact with family and communicate with your peers while on your trip.
  • Exchange your money. Talk with your bank and see if you could order the currency for the country where you are studying. Definitely make sure your get the best exchange rates possible.
  • Pack light. Packing to go abroad may seem like you need to take every sweater in your wardrobe but it doesn’t have to be that way. By packing light, you will probably still over pack. Packing light will give you the ability to carry your own bags to your living quarters and give you the ability to travel on weekends and holidays.

Prepare for lots of fun! Going abroad will enhance a sense of yourself and give yourself a bigger picture of education and culture. Don’t pass up any opportunity to travel abroad.

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