Working while in college is a great way to make some extra spending money while figuring out potential careers you might want to explore. Having a job while in college is also great in that it shows potential employers that you have the ability to balance school work with a job. An internship during college can help you land your dream job right after graduation.

Tip #1 On-Campus Opportunities

Working while in collegeEvery college and university has a multitude of work jobs and work study around campus that need filling with lively college students like yourself. For instance,

  • Work studies might be a small job you hold on campus. Although it might not have the highest pay, it comes with other great benefits. The work study opportunity might come with your financial aid package lowering the cost you pay out of pocket. Work study jobs may include work in the library, cafeteria, recreation center, student services desk, just to name a few. Some work study jobs might even allow you to do your homework while you’re at work.
  • Other campus job opportunities might include RA positions, working in the university store, even a tour guide.

#2 Career Related Positions

Career related jobs and internships are another great opportunity while you’re in college.

  • Working while in collegeCampus career related jobs might be working as a lab assistant if you’re a chemistry major, working in the university marketing department if you are a marketing major, or even working as a trainer as an exercise science major. Career related positions on campus are little gems. To find these you need to speak with a designated major adviser or someone in the career services department.
  • Internships are other career-related positions off campus and sometimes can count as course credit. Career related jobs during college really give you a level up when you graduate.

Both on and off campus jobs during college are an awesome way to network and figure out what job you want to do after you graduate.

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