About Us

CollegePrepOptions.com, a mortgage and investment real estate professional services firm has realized that there is a lack of accurate and truthful information for consumers about real estate, home buying, personal finance and investing on the internet.   We are attempting to fill that need with CollegePrepOptions.com.

We offer accurate and unbiased information for consumers and investors with respect to real estate, finance, investing and residential mortgages.   Consumers often get confusing and contradictory information regarding mortgages, investing in real estate and other financial information that can be puzzling and misleading.   CollegePrepOptions.com offers straight-forward, truthful and unbiased information for consumers.   A significant goal is to provide education for consumers, especially as it relates to mortgage lending, mortgage rates, and understanding the mortgage lending process.   Offering basic information and understanding allows consumers to make better financial decisions.

CollegePrepOptions.com is loaded with clear and concise information about buying an investment property, property maintenance, working with industry professionals, mortgage interest rates, and credit union borrowing.    We offer specific content to inform and demystify the lending and buying process.

As you visit our site, everything related to property investing, mortgage rates, and financing residential property will become less confusing.

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