This is Mark Warner with and I wanted to comment on an article that appeared in December 2011 as reported by Alan Fram with the Associated Press and this was in the Dallas Morning News.

The headline is Bill Includes an Increase in Mortgage Fees.  What great timing of our people in Washington who feel like they need to increase the fees of those who want to get mortgages in a time when we need the housing recovery to continue.  Prices have solidified a little bit but now you’re increasing the fees which would mean roughly $17 more a month for a mortgage on a $200,000 house?  For 30 years that’s a lot of money.  To cover the cost of the 33 billion dollar price tag to extend the payroll cut and the long-term unemployment benefits that they’re paying those who are not working or supplying anything back to the economy, of no fault of their own.

What the government needs to do is get into their own pockets and cut their expenses rather than thinking that the increase in whatever entitlements there are out there that we need to continue to spend we need to tighten our belts and there are only two ways to do it to make sure that you meet a budget that we can afford.  You can either cut expenses or increase income and obviously they’re not willing to cut their expenses but they want to increase their income to fund what they think the needs are out there, which is ridiculous.  Come on guys, get your act together.  Stop spending money we don’t have and quit putting it on the back of the people who are trying to have a recovery here in the United States in the housing market.  Those who may want to buy a home this coming year.  It’s ridiculous.  Get your act together.

This is Mark Warner with

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