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This is Mark Warner with propertiesandoptions.com here with another series in the duct tape home repairs although this isn’t really a repair.  It’s sort of a decorative opportunity to use duct tape.

What I needed to talk to you about today is how to make house numbers with duct tape.  The unique thing about this opportunity is you can make it sort of festive by using different colors.  For example, if your house number was 111, you could be festive around the 4th of July by having your numbers red white and blue.  If you’re lucky enough to have your numbers all be ones, like if it was 111, then your house number could be red, white, and blue for the 4th of July.  The police couldn’t miss it.  If you had a fire in your house they could see it clearly.  If it was Halloween, you can change the numbers easily; you can make this your Halloween colors.

There you have it a festive way to use duct tape on your home.

This is Mark Warner with propertiesandoptions.com.

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