This is Mark Warner with here with another duct tape repair around the house.  Today I wanted to show you how to repair your downspout if it’s been knocked off by one of your children mowing the lawn for you.  As usual, you want to match the color.

What I’ve got here is the downspout and what you do is put it up there where it’s snug and then take a piece of the duct tape and it’s pretty simple.  You just put a piece of duct tape on it like so, making sure the grooves are handled appropriately.  Just like new.  Your downspout’s in place, you don’t have a lot of erosion down by your foundation where you don’t want to have a lot of water, at least in TX you don’t, so that the water comes to hit your cement thing like it’s supposed to so there’s not a lot of soil erosion right around your foundation.

Again, another miraculous fantastic way to fix your things around the house with duct tape.  This is Mark Warner with

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