This is Mark Warner with with another episode in the series of home repair with duct tape.

Today I’d like to show you another one of the more famous duct tape repairs that I’ve ever done and wanted to share it with the world.  Sometimes as you know there are flimsy things that happen with your…where did my tool go?  There it is; a piece of string.  One of the things that can happen is you know this thing that holds the stopper down at the bottom is sometimes plastic and sometimes metal.  Those get flimsy being in the water all the time and what happens is they break.  If you can’t make it to the store right away and you will want to be able to flush the toilet when you need to you take a piece of string and you tie it to the end of the of the handle down where the chain usually hooks or down at the end of the plunger.  You take a piece of orange tape and make sure it gets secured down there so it holds.  You attach is securely to the stopper so the string pulls the stopper up.  Once you’ve got that in there you put the string outside the toilet so when it’s time to flush the toilet you can leave the lid on and voila it flushes the toilet.

Sometimes it gets a little slippery so on the outside of the string you make it so you can have this slippery proof.  You just put a piece of tape on there and roll it up.  Plus that keeps the string from slipping back into the toilet.  Once you’ve done your business you just pull the string, the stopper comes up, when it’s time to go back down it goes back down in there and you’ve got a handy fix.  Very easy and short period of time that it takes.  One of the things you need to make sure of is that if the string gets a little rough in there and it doesn’t go back down you can put a piece of duct tape on there.  That’s one of the problems I had.  My wife used it once and when she went in to repair the string the water sprayed her in the face.  Just make sure everybody’s aware of how the duct tape works and then everybody will be fine.

This is Mark Warner with

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