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This is Mark Warner with propertiesandoptions.com here with another home repair with duct tape. One of the problems you run into time to time is your sprinkler system goes out of whack.  I think what happened with this particular sprinkler is the lawn mowing people knocked the top off of this sprinkler head which screws down into the system.

If you don’t have time to repair it and you need to water your lawn like we do in Texas because there’s a huge drought here in Texas and the lawn dries up, the ground starts to crack.  What you need to do if you don’t have time to get it fixed just that minute is take some cloth and stuff it down in the hole here.  Then you take your trusty silver duct tape and get a piece off like so. You then wrap it around the top like so and then you get another piece, it would be good to have two or three ready.  Get the cloth stuck down in there and then over the top.  To make sure it’s really secure, you put two or three over the top.

Another really handy way to make sure you don’t waste water and that your sprinkler system can keep running with duct tape on your sprinkler system.  One other thing while I’ve got you is if you hire somebody to come fix your sprinkler, what you can do is make sure the repairman knows exactly where the spot is.  As we know from treasure hunts is that x marks the spot.  No question that when your repair guy comes that x marks the spot.

This is Mark Warner with propertiesandoptions.com.

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