Hidden Value

Let me tell you why I like my home. It’s a block from the lake and jogging trails. There are no homes behind me to block my view of the area. I can see the school from my back door, and that lets me watch my children walk home. The bedrooms are large and they have large closets. I can hide anything I want in those closets. And I can have peace and quiet! The floor plan is open, but I have the ability to close off living areas with pocket doors for peace and quiet when I need it. These are just some of the hidden values of my home.

Hidden Gems

Hidden values are the hidden gems in your home that make it more desirable. Whether selling or buying a home, the hidden gems in your home can make a difference in pricing and market success. Chris Neese of ActiveRain Networking (http://activerain.com/hidden-gems) recently did a survey of real estate agents about what “hidden gems” are most desirable. Amazing views, new roof, neighborhood quality, backs up to a green belt, extra storage, and green upgrades scored big among other things. These are things that are undervalued or not even part of the listing price.

Amazing Viewsgreen belt with homes

Does your home back up to a green belt? Is there a view of a water source such as a lake or river? Is there a view of mountains or a valley? Is there a view of a well maintained neighborhood? What do you see when you sit on your back porch and look out?

Neighborhood Quality

Are the neighbors friendly and do they watch out for each other? Do they keep their property clean and free from trash and unnecessary paraphernalia? Are schools close by? Is shopping a short or long drive, or could you walk there? Is it a noisy neighborhood, is there a lot of traffic that goes though it?

Green Upgrades

Green upgrades could be vinyl windows instead of wood. An indoor water heater, one wrapped in insulation, or better still, a tankless water heater that only heats when used. Have you added insulation with a high R value, or have you used insulation made of green materials such as wool, soybean foam, or denim?( http://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/construction/green/5-green-insulation-options.htm)  Is your flooring environmentally friendly, such as cork or bamboo?

Structural Upgrades

Do you have brick under that stucco? Or is there oak paneling under the wall paper? How about hard wood floors under the carpet?  What kind of framing does your house have?  Is your roof braced to the walls to withstand high winds?  Do you have a tornado shelter?

Play up the things that are not visibly obvious and the things you love most about your house. It’s possible that those things will make someone else love your home. If you are buying, look for those things that will make a long term difference in your life and investment.





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