Great services are provided to members of the Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union, headquartered in of Arlington, VA, and is the third largest credit union in the United States both in membership and assets under management.  It has 1,046,588 members and assets of over $15.0 billion. The credit union, opened in 1935, has 1,018 full time employees and 118 part-time employees, or 803 members per employee, compared to a national average of 455.  It is classified as a multiple common bond, primarily military credit union.  Despite its name, almost anyone can join due to their common bond affiliation options for joining.  Also, in addition to 11 branches in the Washington DC area, there are over a dozen other branches located around the world.

Contact InformationPentagon Federal Credit Union

The address for the Pentagon Federal Credit Union is 2930 Eisenhower Ave, Arlington, VA, 22314.  Their phone number is (703) 838-1000.  Their website is  Finally, their ABA Routing Transit Number is 2560-7844-6.


Services Provided

The Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PFCU) provides members with an assortment of services. Whether you prefer the convenience of technology with online and automated services or the personal touch of a local branch, PFCU provides solutions to meet your needs.  PFCU provides nationally high dividend yields on money market and IRA certificates and share (savings) accounts, some of the absolute lowest loan rates in the entire country, surcharge-free access at over 32,000 ATMs nationwide with our checking account and free check card, foreign exchange services, a full range of real estate services including first and second trusts and home equity loans and lines of credit, and free, secure online access to manage your accounts anytime, anywhere in the world.

Credit/Debit Services

For your daily purchasing needs, both an American Express and a variety of Visa credit card are available, as well as a credit union debit card.

Online/Mobile Services

Many of the normal banking activities you might need to perform are made available via online access by PFCU.  Some of the most common online activities are the ability to fill out a membership application, apply for a loan, do an account balance inquiry, open an account, make a loan payments, see your account history, perform transfers, view check images, view statements, pay bills,

You can also set up email alerts to send you account balance notifications, let you know when checks have paid, when any ATM deposits or withdrawals have occurred, and notifications of insufficient funds.

Also, for those with web enabled phones, a mobile site is available which allows members to check their current account balance, make same day and future-dated transfers, view current share and loan rates, and locate branches and ATMs.

Loan Services

One of the most important benefits of being a member of the Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PFCU) is access to affordable credit services. The Credit Union provides competitively priced loans for both new and used autos, motorcycles, boats, and recreational vehicles.  For your home loan needs, they provide adjustable rate mortgages, fixed rate mortgages and home equity loans and lines of credit.  Personal loans available include signature loans, bill consolidation loans, and personal lines of credit.  Finally, student loans for educational purposes are also available.  All these loans are conveniently available through both their branch network and the internet.

Insurance and Investing Services

Insurance is made available through partnerships to credit union members.  Among the types of insurance available are Automobile, Homeowners, Renters, Motorcycle, Supplemental Health and Dental Benefits plans, Term and Whole Life Insurance, and Long Term Care insurance.


Mutual fund investment accounts are also available to members through partnerships that PFCU has set up.


Unique Offerings

One area that PFCU customized their offerings is in the mortgage arena.  They offer a 5/5 Adjustable Rate Mortgage where they pay all closing cost except for escrow and prepaid interest if you use one of their preferred title companies.  With the 5/5 ARM the initial rate only changes every 5 years by no more than 2 percentage points up or down, and can never exceed 5 percentage points above the initial rate. When the rate adjusts, your new rate is calculate by taking the current index rate plus a margin, which is currently set to 2.00 for new products, as long as it does not exceed the 2% adjustment cap.  With the large number of transfers that those in the military or contracted with the military experience, this type of loan make a great deal of sense.

Given recent events, some service members may be deployed at a moment’s notice. To help ease their transition, PFCU has put together an 18 page deployment guide to make sure that key financial steps are taken care of when deployment order come.

Eligibility Requirements

You can join the Pentagon Federal Credit Union online.  Those who are currently enlisted in the armed forces can join.  Those who work for the United States government in a number of departments including the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, DARPA, and Department of Health and Human Services also can join.  Members of a large number of military associations as diverse as Air Force Sergeants Association, the Association of Military Surgeons, the Civil Affairs Association, the Non-Commissioned Officers Association, and the Paralyzed Veterans of America, among many others are also eligible.  Another large group is made eligible by the fact they work for companies which have contracts with the military.  The final options allow almost anyone to join.  These final three options are first, to be a volunteer to the American Red Cross.  Their definition of a volunteer is anyone who provides wealth, wisdom, or work to the organization and wealth can include a donation of either blood or money.  For those who don’t wish to give blood, they can instead join one of two associations – either the National Military Family Association for $20 a year and who is the leading non-profit advocacy organization for military families, or the Voices for America’s Troops for a one-time $15 fee and whose focus is on advocating for a strong national defense, including sustaining and improving quality of life programs for America’s troops, their families and survivors.  The web address of their online application form can be found at

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