Some schools are starting a practice where they issue a provisional acceptance for admittance to their school. It is provisioned upon a couple of factors and can be a good thing. The factors being determined by the college or university.

The Good News of Provisional Acceptance

 A provisional acceptance means you are accepted to that school, subject to you fulfilling the provisions set up by that school. Some schools are even giving provisional acceptance letters to juniors in high school. In most instances, a provisional acceptance is based upon what you do the remainder of your senior year in high school or your senior year if you received the acceptance as a junior.


California colleges and universities require that you maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. They also don’t want to see any D’s or F’s on your report card. In other words it would not be wise to come down with the “senioritis disease” where you let your classes and grades slide. They don’t want to see your rating droop to where they would not have accepted you in the first place.


These provisional acceptance letters are close to the sure thing if you maintain your grades. If there are extenuating circumstances like illness or death in the family, you could still make a case for acceptance.


The Bad News of Provisional Acceptance

You can lose your acceptance if you don’t fulfill the provisions. If you do come down with “senioritis” and you lose your acceptance, the denial to attend that school usually comes in July or August. The unfortunate circumstance that follows is every other backup school you were relying on getting into would have most likely closed their doors to new students. That would be really bad news. So “keep your head down and hoe to the end of the row” as the saying goes. Keep your grades up!


If you are interested in provisional admittance, contact the admissions office of the college or university you are considering and see if they offer provisional acceptance letters.

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