Report Your Own Dave Ramsey Misery Index

It might come as a shock to most real estate agents that the popular radio show host Dave Ramsey counsels his listeners to save as much as possible (even 100%) for a down payment before buying a home! This is horrible even deplorable advice when you consider what has happened since we saw his advice in print October 2011. Now is time to educate the home buyers about the mistake it is to wait to purchase a home! Please fill out the form below and we will give you credit for supplying us the pertinent information to potential buyers in your neighborhood! You can see previous posts regarding the credit we give real estate agents for supplying us this information. We have entitled the series the Dave Ramsey Misery Index. We will be supplying this information for every market (if not every neighborhood) in the country and hope to have your input to accomplish this. Please help us educate the public about buying now instead of waiting to buy. It could cost Dave Ramsey listeners thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to wait. We need your neighborhood number to put on Dave’s forehead!


Dave Ramsey Reporting Form

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