College fairs are a great way for colleges to meet thousands of students at one Fellow students posingplace at one time. College fairs are a great way to talk to representatives from the schools you are interested in. It’s important to stand out at a college fair so you can leave a lasting impression on the officers recruiting front.

Tip #1 is what to do at a college fair

  •  Pick up a college fair directory making a plan of attack before the day of the event. And also don’t forget to bring a bag for all the materials you’re going to collect.
  • Visit schools that match or closest match your search criteria. That all comes from preparation.
  • Ask the same questions you’ve developed for each college representative you visit with. Makes notes of information you found most interesting and helpful. Be consistent with all schools you meet with.
  • Be adventurous, don’t just talk to the well known schools. Keep an open mind.
  • Attend an information session that’s offered to gather information about the college search process, financial aid or whatever topics are even available.
  • After the next few days after the event, carve out some time to reflect upon your experience at the college fair.  Review all your notes and start preparing for each and every school you spent time meeting with.

Tip #2 how to distinguish yourself

  • Bring resumes and portfolios to submit to college recruiters. You’re competing among thousands of students. You want to stand out. Show recruiters that you are prepared to be a college bound student.
  • Bring printouts of labels made with your contact information like your name, your address, your email, your phone number, maybe your social media handles. This will help you from spending time at the recruiters table filling out the inquiry cards. It is a very professional key tip.
  • Start by introducing yourself, your field of interest, where you currently are in the college process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  •  Dress up. I would advise not wearing jeans or shorts. Look polished. Wear a college shirt or nice dress that is business professional, to help best represent yourself.

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