Kitchen Updates that will sell your Home

Do the Research and make a plan

The kitchen is one area of the home that can make or break a sale. If you need to remodel, remember that the renovations that you make should bring in a 70 % return on your investment. But, this also depends on the choices that you make. You have to make choices that will appeal to the majority of buyers. You will need stainless steel appliances; it is still the favorite. And go for major brands, recycling cabinets, granite counter tops, good flooring and a pantry. You can get help in finding what sells in your area by talking to real estate agents. They know what buyers are looking for. You may be able to update cabinetry and refinish flooring without replacing it. Generally, you should spend between 6 and 10% of your home’s value to get a fair return. And stay with the style of your home. If it is a traditional home, keep the kitchen traditional; stick to the architecture of the home.

Go for the Neutrals

Neutrals are still the best bet for resale. Keeping it simple, sells the best. Natural and subdued colors are clean and peaceful. Make sure that you choose granite counter tops that are not flashy or busy. Look around, when shopping for granite. There are many companies that offer great deals on their first tier granite. To most buyers granite is granite, so you don’t need to over spend. Use the information from your research to find out cabinetry colors, tile backsplashes, etc.

Make it Convenient

Kitchen updatesPull out recycle bins in the lower cabinets, a pantry with pull out drawers, spices cabinets, and slide out drawers are things that make setting up in the kitchen easier. And lighting is a big plus. Under-cabinet lighting and stained glass hanging lights over an island can add just the right amount of pizazz.

Don’t go Extreme

You don’t need exotic wood cabinetry or a separate refrigerator and freezer, unless your home value demands it. Don’t be cheap, but don’t go to extremes. Remember, that the update should remain within the 6-10% of your home’s value.

Light and Open

Opening up a kitchen can make all the difference. You can turn a small kitchen into a large open space that easily flows into other living spaces. Knocking down a wall may be worth it to achieve a more open floor plan that many buyers are looking for.

Renovations can get addictive

Beware that renovations can get addictive. Make sure that your do your research, settle on a plan and a budget and stick to it. This way you have the best chance of getting your money out of it when you put your home up for sale.

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