Online Dating and Selling a House

Online dating; a suggestion that absolutely divides all single people.  Every online dating site claims to be the best and everyone who knows someone who has used an online dating site knows someone with a horror story.  That’s great, you say, but what does that have to do with selling my house.  We buy everything online anymore, food, clothing, entertainment, spouses, cars, and yes even houses.

Be Your Own Photographer – Sell Your House Online

The biggest drawback, and yet the best feature, of trying to sell something online is pictures.  At what point do you get a professional in to photograph what you’re trying to sell?  Let’s be honest, you just want to get the most money you can for your house to help pay for the next adventure, and that doesn’t include paying for a photographer.  Just follow some basic guidelines and you should be fine.

Make it Look Good – Sell Your House Online

First of all, get your house looking its best before you get the camera out.  Just like you know which of these two women you’ll take a second look at (fyi, they’re the same woman)

You also know which of these two houses you would want to find out more about (also the same house)

Choose Your Subject Well

Second, pay attention to what’s in your picture.  I can understand why you’d want a picture of every room in the house, including the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean anyone wants to stare your toilet bowl, the circa 1937 oven, or that ugly stain in the carpet that just won’t budge in the face.  You’d never make your profile picture the one that shows off your double chin.  You’re going to use the one taken from slightly above your eye level that shows off your great cheekbones and cute haircut!  Choose whatever the best looking thing in the room is, even if it’s a piece of furniture that won’t be staying, and make that the focal point.  If you can’t avoid the ugly stuff, like your toilet, find an angle that keeps it off to the side where it’s less noticeable.

Watch the Horizon

Third, and this might seem insignificant but it’s the little things that make a big difference, make sure your pictures are straight.  Take an extra second before pushing the button to check how level the frame is with the floor, ceiling, or a corner.  No one wants to live in a house that looks like the furniture will slide across the floor.  Just like no one would date the guy with the crazy eyes who looks like he’s on his way out to rape the neighbors.

Include the Big Picture When You Sell Your House Online

Finally, make sure to include a good picture of the front of your house.  As with the inside, make sure the yard and house are clean; put away the hoses and lawnmower and trim back the bushes.  If you have trees in your yard, move around and find the clearest view of the house.  Whatever you do, don’t emphasize the work that needs to be done unless you’re dead set on selling your house to a carpenter with time on his hands.

Sell Your House Online


Put Your Best Foot Forward

Whether you’re trying to sell yourself or your house, always put your best foot forward.  Prospective buyers, like prospective dates, are looking for something that looks good.  There’s no need to hire someone to photograph your house as long as you take some time when doing it yourself.  Most importantly, look at the pictures you’ve taken before you post them.  If they don’t look like something you’d buy, start again and fix whatever’s wrong.

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