Ever wonder why the most enormous, most luxurious, and arguably most beautiful home on the market has been sitting on the Updown Courtmarket for six years? Well, it’s also the most expensive. This pricey mansion known as “Updown Court”, located about 25 miles outside of London, is currently on sale for a “bargain” price of $65 million, and that’s intended to be a generous discount from its past prices since nobody will buy it. Is it a generous enough bargain to sway prospective buyers back into the mansion’s phantasmal realm?

Updown Court Is Turned Over

Originally, the mansion was built in 1924, but was later damaged by a fire during the Great Storm of 1987. It wasn’t until after then that Leslie Allen-Vercoe, a developer of Rhymer Investments Limited, purchased the estate’s remains for $38.4 million and whole-heartedly invested to redeveloping it in 2002.  Updown Court was reconstructed into a style of architecture noted as “neo-classic Californian”, and was ranked in 2006 as the world’s most expensive private home. In 2008, the property ran higher than 85 million British pounds, or approximately $150 million U.S. dollars. Leslie Allen-Vercoe specified that the home’s purpose and price caters to that of rich international buyers looking for second, third, or even fourth homes around London.

Billionaires Welcome

“The house has been designed for a specific market, which is the billionaire market, as opposed to the millionaire market,” he said.

It’s still hard to grasp that some billionaire out there with a big enough bank account wouldn’t be interested in this place. The lavish Updown Court impressively scales in at 50,000 square feet, trumping Buckingham Palace, and stands as the centre of 58 acres of meadow-like gardens. Some of the world’s most delicate resources, like over 30 different kinds of Italian marble, were used in construction of the estate.

Too Good To Pass On

Passing through iron gates, stunned owners and visitors soon discover this as they are greeted with a heated marble driveway, which cost $3 million alone. Swimming won’t get boring, as the mansion includes five different swimming pools. Going to the movies is a thing of the past with a 50-seat capacity custom cinema. Offering 103 rooms, the mega-mansion also features stables for six horses, a walk-through shower (as opposed to a walk-in shower), an automated two lane bowling alley in the basement, and an underground garage that can fit eight limousines. It even has three other houses on the property.

Why does the breathtaking facility offer so much? Allen-Vercoe explains that the mansion was originally built and intended for the Arab market since they live in homes with extended families. Now all it takes is one super-rich billionaire buyer to finally make this dream home a reality.

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