Repairs after winter storms

Tree branches covered in heavy ice resting on roof after ice storm

Branches on my roof after recent ice storm.

So, as I was talking to my hubby, I mentioned that winter is almost done and I had some honey-does that I wanted on his special honey-do list.  I got the normal roll of the eyes (yes, men do that thing too) and the huhhhahh sigh (and yes men do that thing too) and he said, well, put it down.  To make sure I had the right chores for his list, I checked around and came up with a few things that need to be inspected and repaired after winter snow, ice and wind storms.  I checked around because I like to have backup in case he doesn’t see it my way.  Andrea Davis of Home Advisors suggests a few tips on cleaning up and repairing our homes after winter fun.

Inspect roofs and gutters

First, roofing needs to be inspected.  Strong winds, snow and ice storms can cause shingles to come loose or blow away.  They need to be repaired or replaced to prevent water leakage and ewwww , insect invasion.  I don’t like bugs!  The roof is our first shield against the elements and creepy crawlys.  Next, check out the gutters.  If there has been snow and ice, ice dams can occur, where melting can cause water leakage under the eaves of the house.  It’s a good time to make sure the gutters and drains are clear.  Wind related to the snow and ice can cause tree branches and leaves to contribute to gutter problems.  Cleaning off the roof and out the gutters helps to keep our homes attractive above, below and yes, inside!

Check for more damage

Siding should be inspected.  Like the shingles on the roof, strong storms and ice can loosen or cause them to be blown off.  This in turn causes more water damage and ewwww insects again.  Ugh!  Siding needs to be repaired or replaced.  Looks so nice when done!  Structural issues and leaks should be taken care of such as doors and windows.  It happens even when we have tried to prevent and well, things just wear out.  So check and make sure everything is good and tight.  It is also a great time to get the heater or furnace checked.  It’s worked hard all winter.  Change any filters.  Get it ready for next year.  While you are at it, get the AC  gone over for the summer.  Kill two birds with one stone.

Repair Trees

That brings us to damaged and/or fallen trees.  It’s a good time to clear any broken branches and repair the areas where branches broke off.  This is the perfect time for my hubby to make like a kid and climb the tree…….or not and hire someone to do it.  Trees are an investment and need to be taken care of.


Yes!  Almost ready for summer!  Now the garden……..

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